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Let X = anything;

Night Photography – Housing Development Board

A beautiful sunset in Toa Payoh served as a back drop. There was a a lot of construction activity in this old neighborhood. Using Lightroom, we accentuated the sunset colours and colour graded the unremarkable florescent lighting with a bluish glow.

Night Photography – My Gym

The key to good photography is finding a good story to tell. In this case, the light from a multi storey carpark provides a strong focal point and concept for a personal training service.

Product Photography – White Background – Simple Hydro Boost

The Simple Hydro Boost comes in a clinical white tube with a shiny blue cap. We like to shoot the product in way that shows the whiteness of the tube body with a shiny reflection on the blue plastic tube. We like to give the product a 3 dimensional look with a distinct shadow on 1 side of the product.

PowerPoint Colour Palette Template Design 01

This is a colour scheme for designing your next PowerPoint presentation! “What Colours Your Spirit” colour palette was inspired by a scene in Marvel Studio’s Black Panther movie where T’Challa meets his Father in the beautiful Spirit World.

How to Design PowerPoint Template Theme Colours

This article explains the little-known aspects of theme colours in PowerPoint and shows you how to create a custom theme colour in PowerPoint from scratch. This blog is part of a blog series of beautiful colour schemes for PowerPoint slide designs.

PowerPoint Colour Palette Template Design 00

This is a colour scheme for designing your next PowerPoint presentation! The Ocean Shines Electric colour palette was inspired by colourful jellyfishes in an aquarium.

Beirut Explosion Infographic

This is an easy to consume infographic to explain the what and how of the Beirut explosion tragedy that occurred on Aug 4 2020.

Infographic Design Singapore Case Study: D2LM Roast Pork

This is a promotional infographic created for a roast meat hawker. They want to increase their social media exposure on Instagram and Facebook by using compact infographics that is easy to consume and shared by their visitors.

Benefits of Beautiful Dashboard Designs

Beautifully designed dashboards are a joy to look at, easy to understand and provide a quick summary of important information to make fast decisions.

Beautiful Dashboard Design: Weather

This live data dashboard allows you to search for the current weather of any city in the world. Simply key in a city in the search box and press “enter”. Plan your day quickly with this dashboard!