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Netflix’s Umbrella Academy Season 1 Timeline Infographic


This timeline infographic covers the major events of Netflix Umbrella Academy Season 1 from the years 1928 to 2064.

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Netflix’s Umbrella Academy Season 1 Timeline Infographic

Netflix’s Umbrella Academy Season 1 creates paradoxes and confusing timelines with Number Five’s time travelling ability, a mysterious organisation known only as The Commission that kept tabs on the timeline and more time travelling assassins.
See the fuller picture with this infographic guide to the timeline of Season 1 of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy.

umbrella academy season1 timeline infographic
umbrella academy season1 timeline infographic. click to see bigger version

1928: Reginald Hargreeves arrives in USA and buys D.S. Umbrella from its owner, J. King.

1963: Five is sent to kill JFK, but jumps back to 2019. Due to a calculation error, the 58-year-old Five reverts back to his 13-year-old body.

1967: Klaus is transported via a Commission briefcase to 1967 Vietnam. Klaus falls in love with a soldier named Dave.

1968: Dave is shot and dies. Klaus takes his dog tags and uses the briefcase to return to 2019.

1989 OCT 1: 43 babies are born from spontaneous pregnancies around the world. Reginald Hargreeves adopts the first seven of those babies.

1994: Vanya’s powers were discovered and was judged to be too destructive. She takes medication for “anxiety,” which is really to suppress her powers.

2002: Five uses his abilities to jump into 2019 post apocalypse, and wanders for 45 years.

2006: Ben dies, and his spirit decides to remain with Klaus rather than cross over into the light.

2012: Luther goes to deal with a biochemical threat and is horribly burned. Reginald Hargreeves gives him a mysterious “serum” that heals him, but gives him the body of a gorilla.

2019 MAR 21 TO APR 1ST (10 DAYS ): Vanya causes the apocalypse. Five uses his powers to transport him and his siblings back to 1960s.
exit to season 2.

2019 APR 2ND: Five arrives in the post-apocalyptic future. He finds the bodies of his dead siblings, and sees that Luther is holding a prosthetic eye.

2019 TO 2064: Five spends the next 45 years wandering in the post-apocalyptic world until the Handler shows up.

2064: The Handler shows up and offers Five a chance to go home in exchange for five years working for the Temps Commission.

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