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Product Photography – Dark Background – Issey Miyake Nuit D’Issey

This is a dark background product shoot for Issey Mikake Nuit D'Issey perfum. We created a dark and luxurious look for the product by adding a white rim light on top with a red and blue accent lighting on 2 sides.

The Product

The Issey Miyake Nuit D’Issey bottle has a matt black colour which goes nicely with a dark background to create a luxury product look. A red and blue accent lighting adds another element of sophistication.

Setting Up the Stage and Light Placements

A standard dark background stage was setup using a black background placed far from the subject to avoid reflection. A black acrylic sheet provides a shiny base to create a subject reflection. A white light was placed overhead with a red and blue light on 2 sides of the bottle.

The Shoot

Camera: ILCE6400. Lens: E 18-55mm. Exposure: 1/13s, F 7.1, +0.0EV, ISO100.

Post Production Edits

The shot was imported into Lightroom with the following edits. Geometry Panel: Auto. Light Panel: Exposure -0.09, Contrast +3, Hightlights +30, Whites +9, Blacks +1. Effects Panel: Texture +19, Clarity +22, Dehase +100, Vignette +1. The objective was to straighten the bottle and increase the black and white contrast to make the image pop. In Photoshop we cleaned up the dust and scratches on the product using the Spot Healing Brush tool and a Patch tool. The image was cropped and placed on a new black layer to finish the final look.

Mock web design from the product photography shoot