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PowerPoint Colour Palette Template Design 01

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This is a colour scheme for designing your next PowerPoint presentation! “What Colours Your Spirit” colour palette was inspired by a scene in Marvel Studio’s Black Panther movie where T’Challa meets his Father in the beautiful Spirit World.

How to Design PowerPoint Template Theme Colours

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This article explains the little-known aspects of theme colours in PowerPoint and shows you how to create a custom theme colour in PowerPoint from scratch. This blog is part of a blog series of beautiful colour schemes for PowerPoint slide designs.

How to hire a good PowerPoint Designer in Singapore using quotes by famous designers

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The Problem of Choice So, you need to hire a PowerPoint Designer in Singapore for an important presentation event. The first thing you would likely do is perform a Google search for any of these phrases: PowerPoint Designers Singapore, PowerPoint Design Singapore, PowerPoint Design Services Singapore. This is what you will get: How are you […]