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In this blog series I will challenge myself to create good looking PowerPoint slides that serves a useful purpose in a pitch presentation

Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes. – Napoleon Hill

Whether you are a C-suite officer or senior manager, you will very likely need to create a high stakes presentations regularly. Careers promotions and important outcomes can be influenced by the quality of your PowerPoint deck.

In this blog series I will challenge myself to create good looking PowerPoint slides that serves a useful purpose in a pitch presentation. Whenever possible I will break down the design so that you can learn how to do it too!

The PowerPoint Design Idea

When you need to explain the dictionary meaning of a word to an audience, you want to appear authoritative and knowledgeable. This PowerPoint slide design takes inspiration from a dictionary format to give an air of authority.

beautiful powerpoint design slide example

How this slide can be useful

The large idea behind this slide is: how do you pitch your ideas and how to do it effectively can mean the difference between success and failure. So it is important that your audience know exactly what you mean when you are explaining a difficult concept or an obscure word. Put up this slide as your background to create that opening when you are explaining a difficult technical word.

Here is a golden rule of pitch presentations: Create ideas, not slides! Make sure that the word you are presenting is really relevant to your greater story.

PowerPoint Design Notes

  1. You need to use old looking fonts to give this slide an authoritative look like Times-New-Roman.
  2. Be bold! Make that word you like to explain really really BIG so that no one can miss it!
  3. Use an oldish look colour like maroon for the word to be explained.
  4. To add some more visual interest, bold the numbers so that the text block underneath is not too monotonous.

Useful PowerPoint Design Resources

  1. The Merriam Webster Dictionary. You can’t get more authoritative than that! Use it to get the pronunciation and meaning of any English word.

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Hello I'm Derek Leong

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