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PowerPoint Design Training Course Singapore

PowerPoint Design & Animation Ideas for Business

A masterclass to pick up ideas on creating powerful visuals, beautiful design and typography to captivate your audience.
Duration: 2 days
Location: Singapore


“Good art inspires; Good design motivates.” ~ Otl Aicher

Course Objectives

There’s more beyond PowerPoint templates,and bullet points. Pick up ideas on creating powerful visuals, beautiful design and typography to captivate your audience. This hands-on workshop is about how to create great looking slides. Making bad slides is easy and we have seen many. Making good slides is easy too, but you need to be willing to invest in your slides and invest in your own visual thinking skills. We’ll help you with the PowerPoint techniques along the way.
Learn how Steve Jobs creates an "alternative reality field" using PowerPoint slides and slick presentation skills.
Learn to create powerpoint slides like the above.

Training Course Outline

* The best colours to use for your slides.
* Design techniques to create clean & vibrant graphics.
* Use typography, iconography & pictures in slides.
* Design principles for good slide designs.
* A set of online tools & resources to enhance slide designs.

Who should attend

Designed for PowerPoint practitioners. Every participant will receive a full-colour copy of reference materials.

About the trainer

Jacqueline Tang is an engaging, sought-after public speaker and instructor for Microsoft Office and SharePoint.


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