Ji9saw Design PowerPoint Infographic

The Problem with Design

Don’t be fooled because something looks easy. In the hands of a pro, this is often the case.

The Price I Give Today

With experience, my value increases over time. This is true with creative services as it is with products we create. The best price is the first price.

4 Ways to Say NO to Clients

We answer the 4 common questions when dealing with clients. 1.Can you do this for less? 2. Can you do this for free/your portfolio? 3.Can we add this quick little deliverable? 4.Can we get unlimited revisions?

Night Photography – Housing Development Board

A beautiful sunset in Toa Payoh served as a back drop. There was a a lot of construction activity in this old neighborhood. Using Lightroom, we accentuated the sunset colours and colour graded the unremarkable florescent lighting with a bluish glow.

Night Photography – My Gym

The key to good photography is finding a good story to tell. In this case, the light from a multi storey carpark provides a strong focal point and concept for a personal training service.

Product Photography – White Background – Simple Hydro Boost

The Simple Hydro Boost comes in a clinical white tube with a shiny blue cap. We like to shoot the product in way that shows the whiteness of the tube body with a shiny reflection on the blue plastic tube. We like to give the product a 3 dimensional look with a distinct shadow on 1 side of the product.